As the New Year Approaches, It’s Time for New Goals


It’s time for new goals. Let’s talk about it.

How often have we seen goals laid out with high emotion and enthusiasm, only to look back in several months at negligible progress? Creating goals and accomplishing goals are not the same. Unfortunately, goal setting is often confused with throwing numbers at a chart, and hoping they stick. But, goals should be strategic, and never left on their own without an action plan. So, one must determine if the goals are….SMART. SMART is an age old acronym that can stand to be revisited. After all, I believe it was Zig Ziglar who said, “Men need more often to be reminded than taught”. Are your goals:






If we make sure our goals have answers to these five questions, we can raise our expectations that goals will be reached, rather than just talked about.

Enjoy the journey.


written by James Anderson PHR, Consultant and Life Coach. 

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