Coaching at it’s Best: It’s the socks


As I prepare my day for a late night indulgence of NCAA Tournament action, watching my beloved Florida Gators play the UCLA Bruins, it brings to mind one of the greatest coaches of all-time. UCLA’s John Wooden is undoubtedly one of the greatest. And whether in sports or in real life, wisdom is wisdom.

(Paraphrased from memory)
Once, in an attempt to pry wisdom from the master (John Wooden), someone continued to ask what was his secret to winning so many championships. Finally, Coach Wooden replied, “It’s the socks.”

“The socks”
“Yes, the socks.”
“The socks?”
“Yes, from the team our players begin practice before the season even begins, we teach them the importance of their socks. We coach them to always make sure the socks are pulled up tight at every opportunity. It seems small, but it is important. You see in the fourth quarter, when the other teams feet are irritated and blistered because their socks are bunched or loose, their attention will be on their feet. I want our guys attention to be on winning the game.”

How does that apply to everyday life?
Many ways I believe. Preparation and detail mean the difference between winning and losing. It’s all about the socks.

Happy trails! Go Gators!!!!


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